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BJ's Membership Renewal Coupon

BJS Membership Renewal Coupon – We all want easy ways to save money, but scrambling to find coupons can be frustrating. However, with BJ’s Wholesale Club, shopping can be more intuitive. BJ’s is the only Club that accepts manufacturers’ coupons. With the BJ’s Wholesale Club, you open a world of shopping opportunities.


A BJ’s membership is relatively cheap for the level of service that they offer. You can buy their Perks Rewards Membership for only $110 a year. BJ’s Inner Circle Membership is just $55 a year. Both of these Membership Levels give an extra membership to a second household member, essentially giving you two memberships in one.

BJ’s also offers exclusive store coupons, promo codes, and three add-on members at a discounted price. If you are only looking to shop online, you can choose an “Online Pass” for only $10. BJ’s also offers up to 25 percent off of your BJ’s grocery store prices.

With a membership, you can even hop aboard the Gas Savings program. This unique program allows you to pay as little as two cents a gallon. Compared to gas prices from the top companies in the nation, this is a tremendous bargain!

With BJ’s Perks Rewards Membership, you can save even more, receiving two percent of your cashback on every purchase. You can enjoy travel benefits, and members-only events can double or even triple your cashback rewards. These options are all 12-month memberships with an easy renewal process.


If you are looking for a reason to join today, BJ’s Wholesale has a special deal going on right now. Membership prices have been lowered to a mere $25. Don’t miss out on this fabulous chance!

Becoming a BJ’s Member

The process is simple and smooth: go to the BJ’s Wholesale website, then click “Join” on the bar at the top right. The site will present you with your membership options. When you have decided which one is best for you, click “Join Now” to sign up.

You are now enrolled in BJ’s Wholesale and can enjoy the benefits. You will receive your BJ’s Membership Card soon. Have groceries delivered to your door or browse the delicious, fresh choices offered on-site. BJ’s even has a mobile app you can use to facilitate in-store pickup and other options.

It’s easy, exciting, and a spectacular deal, so what are you waiting for? Sign up for BJS Membership today and join the Club where values come to life.