Effective Date: September 23, 2020

As an Every® member, you can earn a commission when you, your friends, family, and followers make qualifying purchases at thousands of participating brands through your deal page subject to the terms and conditions below.


Brands pay commission on all qualifying purchases, and Every shares the commission with you. Eligibility is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • For your purchase to be eligible for a commission, you, your friends, family, and followers must click one of the shopping links on your deal page. When you click on a link, the participating advertiser’s site will open automatically in a new browser tab. The user must complete a purchase within the new tab that opens to be eligible for a commission. Failure to do so will make your purchase ineligible.
  • Most advertisers have a limited cookie window. If a purchase is made outside of that window (mostly 1-7 days), you will not get paid, depending on the advertiser’s cookie window policy.
  • If you live in the United States, only purchases through a “.com” website are eligible for a commission. If you live in Canada, only purchases through a “.ca” website are eligible for a commission. Check to make sure the brand’s website includes the proper extension before finalizing your purchase.
  • All members are billed for their membership and paid out for their earnings in US Dollars (USD).

Please be aware of the following guidelines for commission eligible purchases:

  • Every receives information about your purchases from our participating brands, allowing us to pay you a commission on your purchases. We reserve the right to deem a purchase ineligible for a commission if a participating brand does not report order to Every or withholds payment to us for any reason.
  • We reserve the right to delay or withhold commission payment(s) if we have any reason to suspect that your account is associated with fraudulent activity or in violation of these Terms or any law. By joining Every and accessing your benefits, you give Every permission to review your account with participating brands whenever we suspect fraudulent or inappropriate activity.

There many reasons why a participating brand may not report the purchase to us, including but not limited to the following actions on your part:

  • You visit a brand’s website without first visiting your joinevery.com deal page link.
  • You make a purchase in a browser window or tab other than the one that opened when you clicked a link on your deal page.
  • You make multiple purchases without returning to your deal page.
  • You change, cancel, or return your purchase from a participating brand.
  • You don’t abide by the commission restrictions imposed by a participating brand.
  • You click on a participating brand’s link from a different website, thereby causing your purchase to be credited to that website instead of your deal page.
  • You have a variety of tabs open for a participating brand, and you make your purchase in a tab other than the one that opened when you clicked on your deal page link.
  • You make multiple purchases across several sites while using a single shopping cart provided by a “parent” company to these various brands. To be eligible for commission, you can only make purchases at one brand at a time when shopping through your deal page.
  • You type a new web address (URL) in the browser tab that opened after you clicked on a link on your joinevery.com deal page.

Any of these actions would make your purchase ineligible for a commission.

  • Any order that is returned will not be eligible for a commission.
  • In our sole discretion, any order that we deem a high-volume/reseller order will not be eligible for a commission. Every membership benefits are only available to personal, non-commercial purchasers.
  • Purchases of gift cards and/or e-gift cards are not eligible for commission.
  • Most purchases of Apple products will not be eligible for a commission.
  • If any item in your order is purchased with a gift card, store credit, or store “cash,” that purchase, in its entirety, will not be eligible for a commission.
  • Purchases that contain items “shipped to store” are not eligible for a commission. To qualify for a commission, every item in your purchase must be shipped to a residential, non-retail address.
  • Purchases that are billed to a mailing address that doesn’t match the mailing address registered to the customer’s address are not eligible for a commission.
  • A commission is applied to the sub-total amount you or your audience pay for an eligible purchase, not including taxes and other charges. If your purchase price is reduced by any deal(s), discount(s), or a coupon, the commission offered will be calculated using the final sub-total amount you paid after all discounts were applied.
  • Your commission for any eligible purchase will be credited to your account once the brand notifies us of your purchase. A notification typically takes up to 7 business days, but it can take longer if, for example, the item you bought is on back-order. You have 30 days from your original purchase date to inform us about any purchases missing from your commissions. You can check the status of your earnings by viewing your tracking dashboard page.
  • You will receive a payment every month for all eligible commission earnings. The payment will cover the total amount of commission earned from purchases made the previous month. Please allow 2-3 weeks for payment processing at the end of each month.
  • As long as your purchase(s) are made while you’re an active Every member, you will still earn a commission on your eligible purchase(s) even if you cancel your membership after you make your purchase(s).


As a member, you have unlimited access to exclusive coupon deals at thousands of brands, which can help you save and make money on purchases made at participating brand through your joinevery.com deal page, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Purchases made using deals or coupon codes that are not displayed on a participating brand’s Every page at the time of your transaction may not be eligible for a commission.
  • To ensure that your purchase will be eligible for a commission, only use the coupon deals found on a participating brand’s joinevery.com deal page.
  • Purchases made at a participating store that were not initiated via a shopping link from our website and made in the new tab that opens automatically will not be honored.
  • Coupon deal expiration dates will vary and are subject to change without notice.
  • Certain restrictions may apply to coupon deals; these restrictions may not be displayed when you click on a specific store’s coupon deal. Clicking the coupon deal doesn’t obligate you to accept the offer, but applying the code at checkout and completing the transaction signifies that you agree to the offer terms.
  • US coupon offers shown may not be available in Canada and other countries.