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Paul has a serious problem. He really needs to generate extra income but doesn’t know-how. Paul was having coffee last week with his friend, Darci, and telling her about his troubles. He told her how hard it’s for him to generate extra income. Darci told Paul she used to feel the exact same way. In fact, when Darci was in a similar situation as an influencer, she felt that it was hard to generate extra income because she didn’t have an easy way to recommend products and deals to her friends, family, and followers.

But then Darci told Paul she found “Personalized Deal pages” from JoinEvery, and everything changed. Darci discovered how easy it was to recommend products and deals to her friends, family, and followers with JoinEvery “Deal Pages.” In fact, JoinEvery “Deal Pages” also helped Darci post deals quickly!

She received:

  • 3 easy-to-use personalized deal pages with an exclusive vanity URL.
  • Easy to shop through her page, recommend deals, and promos to her friends, family, and followers, all in one shoppable page.
  • Easy to copy, paste, and upload up to 50 deals in less than 10 minutes.
  • Access to the joinevery private deals from top brands.
  • Extra income when she, her friends, family, and followers shop through her deal pages.


Darci also told Paul she started seeing results with JoinEvery “Deal Pages” almost immediately, and it cost less than the cost of a fancy dinner. After Darci got done sharing her experiences with Paul, he immediately signed up with JoinEvery, got his “Deal Pages,” and started generating extra income too.


And now it’s your turn. Go ahead, click the “Join Now!” button to JoinEvery, and get your “Personalized Deal Pages.” Then, start posting deals from top brands you love and trust, and begin generating extra income too, just like Paul and Darci.

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